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Tubemate for PCOne of the biggest website that we surf today is YouTube. It has emerged as one of the major video viewing website ever in the history. It contains more than 100 million videos for your benefit. And everyday more than thousand videos get uploaded. No wonder YouTube has become the best site. With the growing popularity, YouTube has implicated several security layers. It has become almost impossible to download any video from YouTube. This has become the major headache for the users who wants to watch their videos even when they do not have internet.


So, to overcome this problem, creators came across an app which can bypass all the security layers and download YouTube videos for us. This app is called Tubemate App. It is one of the best apps in the market which is gaining popularity every day. It is emerging as one of the most downloaded app. No doubt an app which can download videos from YouTube is certainly desirable.

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Features of Tubemate App


  1. Tubemate’s speed is one of the biggest advantages that it has over any other app in the market. The speed of the download is so high that it beats every other app.
  2. You can download multiple videos at a time. Tubemate provides you that privilege.
  3. Tubemate also acts as mp3 converter. It separates mp3 from the video. It is real a big advantage.
  4. You can easily share your favorite videos on different social media site such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook, etc. And you can share your video with all of your friends or family members. So now you can share all your stuff on SNS.
  5. The app is user friendly. Hence, desirable.
  6. Tubemate gives you cool search option. This allows you to search you desired video from YouTube.
  7. Tubemate Download give you all quality of video download. It provides almost all available options which include all formats ranging from 240p to high quality HD 1080p and now even 4k videos are also supported.
  8. Tubemate is supported in all devices. So this point earns brownie point.

Tubemate Apk for Android | Download Tubemate App:

Steps to Download Tubemate for PC, Laptop

  1. Tubemate is not available in Google Playstore but that does not lower the credibility of the app. Playstore have many rules. If an app by chance fails to obey any of the rules it gets banned from the store.
  2. So there is another innovative way to get this app in our pc is by downloading its apk file. It is a safe method. You do not need to worry about its genuinety.
  3. But to run this apk file we require a third party software. This app with called Emulator or BlueStacks. This allows all the android apps to download in our pc.
  4. Download BlueStacks is very easy in your pc. all you need to do is go to your desired browser and type the web address This is the official site for downloading BlueStacks. You can surely refer any other site but that will accompany the risk of getting your system attacked by malwares.
  5. There in the BlueStacks page you will find the install button. When you hit the install button the executable setup file will start downloading. It will take few seconds to get it downloaded.
  6. Once the setup file is downloaded, run the file. It will guide you through the further steps to install BlueStacks in your pc.
  7. It will take few minutes before the installation finishes. Do not shut down the pc in between.
  8. After the installation, go to your desires browser and you search engine. In the search tab type “Tubemate apk for PC”. The search engine will provide you results within seconds.
  9. Seek out the most updated version of the app and download that apk. It is suggested to download the most updated version because if you download the older version you will require updating the app.
  10. After downloading the apk file, right click on the file and run it via BlueStacks. It will ask you for installation. Hit the install button to initiate the installation.

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Steps to Download Tubemate App for Android:

  1. The most important step for the apk download is that you have to enable downloading from the external sources. It is because, the phones generally protects unknown downloads and apk comes under unknown. So to get the apk file in our phone we have to give permission for unknown source download. Follow the given steps to easily enable it. Go to “Settings”. Then click on to “Security” and click on “Unknown Sources”. This will enable downloading from external sources.
  2. After you are done with the permission, open your preferred browser and search for apk for Tubemate apk. There will be many versions of apk. Make sure you download the latest version of apk or else after the installation the app will ask for update and ultimately convert into the latest version. So, to save time and data, download the latest version.
  3. The apk file is generally of very small size. It might take a minute or two to download. But it is entirely dependent on your internet connectivity. Faster your net, quicker it get downloaded.
  4. After the apk is downloaded, comes the main installation part. Once the apk is downloaded it will redirect you to a page. In the page it will ask for an action. There will be option for “Install” or “cancel.” Click on the “install” button to initiate the installation of Tubemate app for android. After few minutes, the app will be downloaded. It will create a shortcut icon on your homescreen so that you can access the app easily.

So download this app today to get your videos from YouTube.

Tubemate Apk for Android | Download Tubemate for Smartphones
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