Top 5 Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS Devices

Top 5 Flashlight Apps: Smartphones are very Handy as they can use it for other miscellaneous things. One such miscellaneous activity we do with our smartphone is using it as a flashlight. There are so many flashlight apps for iOS and Android. But from the last year, there has been a controversy over flashlight apps for Android and iOS Smartphones.

The third party apps are providing many Flashlight Apps for free and without Advertising. But the Problem is the Third parties can collect data about you, your locations and also your call logs. Some people cannot bear all this just to use Flashlight apps for free.

So in this Article, I will tell about such Flashlight Apps on which you can rely on without any hesitation. There will be only one permission you will face when you will turn on your camera LED as a flashlight. Note that all the Flashlight also have access to the internet to avoid permissions and advertisements.

top 5 flashlight apps

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Top 5 Flashlight Apps for Android and iOS Devices

So here are the Flashlight apps for android and ios which are must to have if you want a Flashlight.

1. Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight is the best and that’s it is in the first spot. It is very reliable with lots of good features. It has a standard ability to turn on your LED to use it as a flashlight and a Standard lowest permission needed to use this app. There are also other features like making your screen as a flashlight as well in different colors, shapes and patterns, etc. The only downside of Color Flashlight is that it has advertisements, but it does not have any unnecessary permission to provide any personal data to other parties, so that’s a huge plus point for you. Color Flashlight is our number 1 must have Flashlight app on your smartphones.

2. Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc


Flashlight would be the most common name for Flashlight App, but most of the names of Flashlight is just not simply “Flashlight”. But Mobile Apps Inc went the simple way and here is the Title of the app. The Flashlight by Mobile Apps has a decent looking user interface with a minimalistic buttons. It also features an inbuilt SOS signal in case you need it to strobe it into other patterns with a slider. Flashlight app is handy as it also comes with a compass so if you’re out there in the wild and you don’t know where you are then the inbuilt Compass on Flashlight will direct you to your desire destination. So Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc is a Flashlight as well as a compass.

3. Flashlight by SimGears

Another one with a common name and this time it is by SimGears. In case you get confused in this article I’m also putting this common name with the name of its developers so that you won’t get that confused with it. Flashlight by Simgearshas a total of four great widgets. Each and every widget can be put on the home screen and lock screen of your smartphone. So that you can get access to it instantly. This Flashlight by SImGears also has a smart feature in which it knows when you are putting your phone inside your pocket so that it can turn off automatically. So you don’t need to turn off the flashlight as it will turn off automatically whenever you put the smartphone inside your pocket. By this feature, it can save lots of battery and time as well. Flashlight App by SimGears is always active even if you are screen is locked. It supports Ads, but you can disable it by going to the settings. This Free Flashlight App by SimGears is available for Android and ios.

4. Flashlightflashlight

Mega Flashlight is a great Flashlight app for your smartphone. It Flashes very bright and works as a real torch. It can be used on both your smartphone screen and on the back LED. Another feature of Mega Flashlight is that it can be strobe in a variety of patterns and that with emergency and Morse code. Mega Flashlight has a great user interface with a simplicity app design. You can easily turn On the torch instantly. Mega Flashlight explains why you need permission for the camera app with the need to camera permissions. Although this permission will not disclose your location and call logs etc. This app is safe and secure, and it is available for free in the app market.

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5. Privacy Flashlight

Privacy Flashlight is the one with deep privacy features. This app is developed by SnoopWall that tells you about its privacy it provides to its users. Privacy Flashlight follows true to their calling as you can expect it. You don’t want to disclose your information, so Privacy Flashlight has a minimal permissions. The app is also very small with less than 1 MB. That’s why privacy app is pretty basic with the basic user interface. There is also a widget for it so that you can place on your home screen and can get an access quickly whenever you want to use privacy app. Some told that it is not that safe to use privacy app but with regards to the limited use of Flashlight apps this can also work pretty well without getting into any problem. Privacy Apps is free of Cost can be easily available for Android and iOS.

So these are the apps that don’t really have any problem regarding the Third parties collecting your personal data like location and Call logs etc. So in case you want a Flashlight app then you should go for these apps listed above.

Top 5 Flashlight Apps for Android & iOS Devices
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