Reliance Jio Join App Offers Unlimited Audio and Video Calling

Reliance Jio, settled up in Mumbai, provides 4G internet, Mobile telephony, Broadband services, and digital services. Jio is providing 4G internet by using LTE technology. What is VoLTE? It stands for Voice over LTE i.e. voice calling over LTE Network. HD voice calls are clear and superior as compared to others.

Reliance Jio has launched 4G service for VoLTE Supported mobiles (not all) on September 5, 2016. Commercially, it will be launched on January 1st, 2017. Till then, testing will be done. From list of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE supported phones, you can easily find your mobile supports Jio 4G or not. If you want to make HD calls, you must have VoLTE supported mobile.

Reliance Jio Join App Offers Unlimited Free Calling:


Millions of customers are switching to Jio 4G because Reliance is providing unlimited 4G benefits at very low cost.  You can also make VoWiFi calls for Jionet and JioFi. If your 4G Handset doesn’t supports VoLTE then JioJoin app will help you to do HD calls. For Jio Service, your 4G phone should support any of Jio 4G bands: Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 5 (850MHz), and Band 40 (2300MHz).

What is Jio Join app? This app has been developed by the Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. It’s a best app to communicate with each other. If you want crystal clear voice and best video calling experience on your normal smartphone, then download and install this app. It provides true 4G HD Voice and video calling on your 2G, 3G, and 4G network smartphone.

Jio Join app lets you do HD calls and text messages to various friends on Jio’s 4G Network without the need of depending on other 2G or 3G networks of a partner operator. Calls over Jio’s 4G network provides the best clarity compared to others.  Jio Join application can be installed on various 4G smart phones or other smart phones that are Wi-Fi enabled without 4G Network. Besides making HD calls and sending text messages, you can also share images, audio recordings, videos, PDF files, GPS locations and much more.

  • Let’s take a look at some features of Jio Join app
  • HD voice and Video calling

You can make voice and video calls at HD quality on any mobile device over 4G mobile data. Group conversations can be easily done.

  • SMS and Chat

You can send and receive text messages instantly via your Jio Number to any other mobile number.

  • Smart Calling

What you can do is, you can navigate to the phone dialer and search for a number using the contact name easily.

jio join

  • Technical Information of Reliance Jio Join APK

This app is developed by Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. Its latest version is v3.7.1. Lastly, it was updated on 16th June 2016. Size of app is 24.3 MB. This app is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher versions of operating system.

How to Download Reliance Jio Join App for Android:

For Android, Google Playstore is best. As this app is free, you can easily install it via Google Play. You don’t have to worry about Downloading and Installation. If you are downloading via Google Play then what you are finally getting, Reliance Jio Join installed on your Android Smartphone.

  • Reliance Jio Join APK Download
  • The first step is to open a preferred browser on your Android device. You can use your default browser or Chrome Browser.
  • Make sure that the default search engine of your browser is set to Google, Bing, etc. Why? Because you can trust them.
  • In the search bar, type “Reliance Jio Join APK Download” and hit search button of the browser.
  • Once you get all the search results, you can choose any one, which you find authentic with good reviews. Click on it to enter that website.
  • In the website, try to find the download button. Be careful as there can be two or more Download buttons. Press the one, which has no Ads and don’t blinking. So after clicking, you will be asked by your browser to start the downloading process. Click Download and then the downloading will start. Wait till downloading process takes place.
  • Once you got your APK, follow the next instructions.

There is another way to download Reliance Jio Join App. Torrent is a good option but to use it, you have to be regular on it. It is not recommended for the beginners to try this as they will get confused in the torrent world and will end in giving up on downloading this game. So it is better for you to follow these above instructions if you don’t know how to download a file from a torrent site.

  • Installation Guide
  • Go to settings-> security and check ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Go to the ‘Download’ folder and here you will find Reliance Jio Join APK.
  • Click on it and then click on install button.
  • After installation, check menu for Reliance Jio Join app. Enjoy.

So now, you have got some ways/tricks to download Reliance Jio Join APK. The best way is to get it from playstore. It’s the best way as it is safe and fast. If you can’t access playstore, then you can go for other given methods also. These are also safe and efficient.

Final Verdict:

The craze of Reliance Jio Network has already taken over even before the commercial launch. It is the only hot topic, when it comes to 4G. Initially, Jio worked with LYF handsets but now it has extended its network access to selected Samsung smartphones too. Suppose, if your smartphone is 4G/LTE capable but not VoLTE capable, then you can use 4G/LTE data without any problem but you won’t be able to make calls from the Jio SIM. That’s why Jio Join app is used. It lets you make VoLTE calls from your non-VoLTE capable smartphones. This app is exclusive for Reliance Jio consumers. So, you can’t access it with a non-Reliance Jio 4G connection. JioJoin provides endless connectivity and you can call any mobile number or landline number across the World. You can also set it as a Default SMS app and send text messages with emoji.

Reliance Jio Join App Offers Unlimited Audio and Video Calling
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