Psiphon Apk for Android Latest Version Free Download

It is a codebase which is an Internet censorship circumvention. This basically means good news for those of you are tired of not able to access and view various material of the internet simply because of censorship. This is because Psiphon is an open code browser which allows its users  to avoid the censorship that millions of users from all over the world have to suffer.

If you want a way to get away from the censorship which restricts freedom of expression and a lot of content on the Internet then you need to know about Psiphon. Psiphon uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies such as VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy. The design and objective has been created to help out users in countries where free access to internet is not permitted.

Psiphon Apk for Android Free Download


The Psiphon codebase was first developed and managed by Psiphon Inc which operates systems and technologies designed to help Internet users to securely bypass and avoid the content-filtering systems used by governments/officials to inflict censorship on the Internet.

The original and earliest concept of Psiphon Apk was developed by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto. Here they worked on building upon previous generations of web proxy software systems like the “SafeWeb” and “Anonymizer” systems.

In Psiphon there are a total of three different open source software projects

  • X – A cloud based run-time tunneling system.
  • X – A cloud-based secure proxy system.
  • X – The original home based server software which was released by the Citizen Lab in 2004, rewritten and launched in 2006. . Psiphon 1.X is no longer supported by Psiphon Inc. or the Citizen Lab.


Despite the existence of these three separate softwares, the underlying objective and purpose seems to be the same, to enable free access to the worldwide web and its various content.

What are the benefits that users can gain from the app version of this software?

  • If you get Psiphon on your phone you can use it as your principal browser instead of the other common browsers.
  • It has a usership in more than two hundred countries of the world with individual members ranging in millions!
  • Once you start the application, you’ll be connected to the Psiphon servers which give you access to any website in the world without the fear of being discovered while browsing. This means that you can surf the entire web
  • It does this by connecting the user to a network of safe proxies. And once connected to this network, you can browse from its own integrated web browser, where you can add bookmarks, establish a startup page, and basically do everything you would on a normal web browser.
  • With this software it is possible to visit any site you want and surf the web freely no matter which country you reside in.
  • It is completely free for use for all ages and borders.
  • It has a hassle free download mechanism. You as a user can protect your identity by avoiding unnecessary registration, subscription, or configuration
  • It has an automatic selection of protocols to provide effective, reliable circumvention every time
  • Users can view how much traffic you have used with in ­app stats tracking.

Psiphon has a regular version as well as a Pro version. The regular version is free whereas the Pro one can be used with a paid subscription. You can pay a subscription fee through Google Play to remove ads and enjoy unlimited use of Psiphon Pro.

How to Download Psiphon apk for Android Phone or PC

You can find Psiphon  and Psiphon Pro app on Google Play Store. It is most widely downloaded from this source However, you also have the option to get an apk file which you can download and get the very same app for free on your phone.

If you want to get and use the apk file on your PC, you will need to install an Andoid emulator first. Something like Bluestacks or Andyroid will do just fine.


Let us see how you can get the apk file on your PC and handheld device

  • Type Psiphon/ Psiphon Pro apk download on your search engine and you will get a list of sites. Here you will have to select a reliable and trusted site from where you can download the apk file. Usually, it is recommended to proceed with caution at this step because a few sources can actually contain malicious software which could get into your phone, something which you surely want to avoid.
  • Once you have chosen upon a site to download apk file from, then open the page to download the file onto your PC. It will be easy for you to save it on desktop of in a file you can locate later.
  • If you are downloading for PC, you will need to run it using the help of the android emulator which should not be too difficult. After downloading and installing all you need to do is open the emulator and search for Psiphon app. Once you see the app icon, clcik on it to open and start using it on your PC. As simple as that.
  • However if you want this apk file on your phone you will need to implement an additional step. Before you install on your apk file you will need to check your phone for a few things
  • You need to ensure that third party apps are allowed to enter your phone. To check this , Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Then connect the device to your PC . Choose connect it as a media device. Then, copy the apk file into a folder of your choice in your Android smartphone. Then find the phone folder on PC.
  • After downloading and installation process is complete, open it using a file manager like ES File Explorer.

You could also download the apk file from your phone itself if you do not want to spend time in shifting the file from your PC to phone.

Psiphon Apk for Android Latest Version Free Download
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