Prisma Apk Download: Prisma App for iPhone, iPad

Prisma App DownloadNowadays, everyone is able to click their selfies and many cute and funny moments by the entry of the smartphones by their own. And filter effects are also applied to the photos before clicking and even after clicking as well, every one of us now has become a professional photographer. If you don’t have any additional photo filtering app in your phone, even then you can give those effects using instagram filters, snapchat filters and many more. Asusing these effects is the most trending thing nowadays.

That is the reason why there is a number of photo editing apps is in there in market but maximum of photo effector apps provides you almost the same filters, and we are now got actually bore of them, but prisma app seems to be unique among them. This app has got new filters, and you will be wondering by the output of this prisma app.

prisma app

So in this article I am going to tell you about this prisma app and along with this going to highlight all they features of this app, I am also going to guide you for downloading and installing this app in your device. So without any delay let us jump to the introduction of this app.

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What is prisma app?

Prisma app has got very famous in few weeks, as it is very much trending that everyone is uploading their selfies and pictures with prisma effects. As prisma app has a very convenient user interface that allows users to use this app without any problem. This app is currently working in ios platform but because of its popularity it is soon going to be launched for android platform as well. Prisma is a new app that is for the photography purpose, which has now created a huge buzz around the world by astonishing users by its amazing features.


Prisma Apk Download: Prisma App for iPhone/iPad

Now if you are thinking the downloading procedure then let me tell you that it is very simple that you can afford to download this app without any problem. So let me take you to the downloading session where I’ll be guiding you the steps to download this app in your iPhones.

  • The first and the foremost step to download prisma apk in your ios device is to open your apple app store as this app is available in the app store hence you can directly download this app from there.
  • Once you have opened your app store go to the search bar that is located on the top of your screen click on it and type ‘prisma app’ over there.
  • Now after clicking “okay” or the “get” button and allowing it to search you may find many options there, just click on the top most option by remembering the icon to make sure that you are downloading the right app.
  • Tap on the app. And click on ‘install’ after that accept the ‘terms and conditions’ then click on ‘next’ to confirm the installation and allow this app to get download in your iPhone. This app is about 21 mbs so it may take a few seconds if you are using 3G or 4G net plans.
  • Now, installation process may take few more minutes and when it will get done it will notify you then after this the app will get downloaded in your iPhone, open it from the “app drawer” and now you are able to use this app in your iPhone by Tapping on the Prisma app icon to open it and explore the number of creative possibilities lying ahead. You can test it out yourself by selecting an image you want to edit. Then apply the effect and your image will look like a painting created by a renowned artist!


Key Features of Prisma App:

Let me tell you the amazing features of prisma app that is the reason behind its popularity. So here we go,

Prisma app has got a lot of gentle features that can make you wonder, you will be amazed by looking at the output of the filter of prisma app after apply it to your pictures. You can see that after apply some filters your picture has been changed and will look like a painting or some artwork. So the main feature of this app is written here, let us have a look on them:

  • You can use its effects while capturing picture and even if you want to edit another picture that is in your gallery then you can also edit it too.
  • Prisma app allows you to share your edited pictures on your facebook, instagram and other social media websites.
  • This app is actually free to download and to use; it has no hidden and external charges too.
  • There are a number of filters available in this app you can edit your picture the way you want.
  • Output of prisma app looks like a painting done by a great painter or artist. As you can convert your boring pictures into attractive paintings and arts.
  • Edited pictures through prisma app are in high quality it never damages the pixels of your image. And the effects of this app are far better than that of instagram filters.
  • This app uses neutral networks and serves you and your picture with an artificial intelligent filter.
  • Prisma app has got a lot of filters to be applied on one’s picture.

So it was all about the features of this app that I told you in the above portion.

So this was all about the tutorial to download this amazing app in your iPhones, and if you are a photography lover then you may love this app, I personally recommend you to download this app by following these simple procedure which is very easy to remember as well.

Prisma Apk Download: Prisma App for iPhone, iPad
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