Gtunes Music Downloader V6.61 Apk for Android – Free Download

Here in this world of piracy,every day we come up with a new technique, a new app or a new website to download what we love without paying a penny for it, be it music, movies, applications or games.Although there are many ways to download music for free on your devices, but to do this without spending much time on browsing the web, searching for albums is GTunes Music Downloader App.

The music app is available for free on almost any type of devices such as android, iPhone, PC or Mac. GTunes Music Downloader V6.61 is an excellent app for downloading any song that you want for free. It’s use is as simple as searching for a song or artist name, listening, and downloading. Isn’t it simple? Also before actually downloading the music you have an option to first listen a preview and if you are sure that this is the song for which you were looking then download it. The user has the freedom to change the downloading location of the music between SD storage card, and your device’s memory. You can play all the music available on your device on this app.

Gtunes Music Downloader V6.61 Apk for Android


Features of GTunes Music Downloader Apk:

  • Almost all the categories or genre like indie, rock, pop, EDM or any other genre of music is available for free download, not like some other apps available for different platforms which costs you money for availing every single song from that specific app.
  • All your music can directly be accessed from this app.
  • An inbuilt editor is also there to trim and adjust the length of your music.
  • The UI of the app is very easy and downloading is quite fast.
  • There is no limitation on the number of songs you download.
  • There is no compromise with the quality of the music. It’s always the best.

Steps to download GTunes Music Downloader App on Android Device:

Here are the steps involved in the downloading of this popular music app for free on your android device:

  • Open the default browser or the browser you use occasionally on your device (In this installation guide I will be using google chrome as my default search browser).
  • Search for ‘Gtunes Music Downloader apk V6.61’ (because it is the latest version of the app in the play store right now) in the search bar of the browser.
  • In the results obtained, open the first link.If due to some reason this app is not available, try downloading for some previous versions of the app.
  • In the new web page find and click on the ‘Download’ button and your browser will ask you for your confirmation, click on ‘save as’ button and the downloading will start.
  • In the next step, open the downloaded file and the app installer will initiate the installation process for the app. Accept the permissions and click ‘accept’ button. The installation process begins.
  • Wait for the app to install. Open it and enjoy all your favourite songs for free.


Download GTunes Music Downloader App on PC:

Before starting with the installation guide let me give you some information about this app on the windows or PC. The application will integrate with your iTunes app on your PC downloaded from Apple App Store. This app will converts iTunes playlists into a hyperlink format for the GorillaPop music based match making web site. And from this hyperlink you will get a direct download option. Again this app will be free of cost and will have all the features of the app available on the Google Play Store.

  • Open default browser on your desktop or any preferred browser that you like.
  • Search for ‘Gtunes Music Downloader app for PC’ on the search bar of the browser.
  • When all the search results are obtained, click or select an authentic result.
  • Find the ‘Download’ button on the page obtained and click on it. Be sure about the authenticity of the link.
  • Your browser will ask for your confirmation for the downloading to begin. Accept it and hence choose the location where to download it. And start the downloading process.
  • Once the app is downloaded open it and integrate it with your iTunes app.
  • And hence now you can enjoy all your favourite songs for free with the best quality music.

In case you don’t have iTunes app on your PC, just follow these quick steps to get your copy of iTunes:

  • Open default browser on your PC.
  • Search for ‘iTunes for pc’ in search bar.
  • Select the first link from apple.
  • Once the download page of apple opens. Click on the download button. Follow all the procedures as mentioned above in installation guide of GTunes for PC.
  • Install it and launch the app. Login using your apple Id and setup the app.

Link both the applications (i.e., iTune and gTune)and enjoy music seamlessly.

The Final Verdict:

The app GTunes is another good step in the field of applications and piracy and with every day we will see a lot of them. But this app is quite good in performance, a clean and nice user interface, great music quality, free of cost services and easy to use. Just the adds in the application are quite annoying but don’t forget that they are providing you with such a good music quality free of cost. It’s rare on the Google Play Store to find a good music downloading application for free. So with such a good features and all this at free it’s a great deal and every music lover must have this app on their device. Although this app is not available for windows phones but they need not worry for this. They can try another app on the windows app store name ‘Audiotica’. It has all the features of GTunes and it is also free.

So, it’s a win-win condition for everyone and every music lover should try it atleast once.

Gtunes Music Downloader V6.61 Apk for Android – Free Download
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