Download Snapchat for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10 & Mac Laptop

Snapchat for PC: How you are dealing with the isolation from your loved ones? When you can’t watch their every move, share some weird and beautiful moments with them, how are you feeling about all this? Surely, not good. Waking up to their morning faces and rasping voices doesn’’t seems less than heaven on earth. Staying in touch with your acquaintances, living every moment with the presence of them, knowing what they are doing and what they are up to, no one will ever trade it for something else.

Snapchat for PC

Technology has turned out to be a blessing for us. With the enhancement in technology everything is improving day by day. The quality of life has changed drastically. Innovating new stuffs just adds up to the betterment of already a lot much improved one’s lifestyle.

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We all love to share everything with our dear ones, and wants to know everything happening in the life of our loved ones no matter how far we are from each other’s because distance doesn’t matter, it is the love than binds us together. Beside this, there are some people with whom you want to share everything but can’t trust them. Not saying, they may be some sort of criminals but you can’t trust anyone blindly.

I believe snapchat app is the accurate and right platform for such things as it is a civilized way for such things. Undoubtedly, it takes care of everything be it persons security, sharing moments with loved ones, having fun with chat, everything just everything. And yes, this is the only reason why it is beating facebook and giving a hard competition to Instagram. It is rumored too that facebook is soon going to release a new version of it similar to the snapchat because of it immense popularity among the youth.

In this article I will guide you on how to download snapchat for PC on your Windows Laptops or Mac Pc/ Laptops. Also, I will brief you on the app, how to use it and some important features it has which made it so popular among the youth.

What is Snapchat, how it works and what makes it better than any other applications?

Snapchat is a picture message and multimedia mobile application, designed four years ago in September 2011. It not like any other picture message application, it is unique and extraordinary. You can send photos or videos to a bunch a people whom you would like to see your stuffs, it can be people from your contact or snapchat users. The feature that makes it unique is that you can set a time limit to your snaps with a maximum time of 10 seconds before it is vanished permanently. No one can ever have excess to your photos after that time limit.

It works in a very mysterious way, the persons gets notified if you see his/ her story which he/she shared with you as well it lets them know how many times you have replayed it. You can share some stories in the form of pictures and videos with the fixed timing of the photo appearance, it stay there for 24 hours and after that it is gone forever to avoid any misuse of it.

Because of its uniqueness, people are loving it and making it extremely popular. It has left facebook behind in terms of popularity. People are switching over to snapchat now-a-days and becoming a snapchat addict.

Snapchat for Laptop works in a very simple way. You, the sender of your snaps have the full authority of you snaps. You can control who to show your snaps, all these kind of features and some others are determined by the setting you put on the application. You can send snaps to your friends and add time limit to it before it deletes automatically permanently. However, the sender has only 10 seconds to send the snap after it is taken and the receiver has 10sec as well to open it otherwise the snap might get deleted. You can post stories for your followers which lasts only for 24 hours.

Download Snapchat for PC on Windows 7/8.1/10, Mac Laptop

Snapchat is even more fun when used on PC. Instead of the small screen you will have a better view of snaps and video on the desktop. And also you can have access to it through mouse to navigate instead of using fingers to control picture viewing.

To Download Snapchat for Mac PC/ Laptop or Windows PC/ Laptop you need to Download Bluestack Emulator on your system. If you don’t have one, download it and then follow the following steps.

  • Launch Bluestack Emulator, on the search bar type ‘Snapchat’ and search for it.snapchat
  • After getting the result, search for the authentic Snapchat app and click on the install button.snapchat
  • File size is of 25.8 MB. Installation may take time.
  • After the completion of installation process, find Snapchat for windows in the app section of Bluestack Emulator and run it.

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Some Key Features of Snapchat for PC

Listed below are the features of snapchat which makes it unique.

  • You can share pictures with your friends, it doesn’t have to be a perfect snap. Because of the time limit people are tempted to take more picture be it their best or the weird one and send it immediately without a second thought to have fun around.
  • You can caption it, add some effects, filter it, add emoticons and add many more fun elements to the clear and crisp images and can share with a person or group of people.
  • You can add stories to your account which can be a bunch of pictures/ videos or a single picture/ video with time of it appearance to tell people what you did in your entire day. It lasts for 24 hours only after which it will be automatically removed.
  • You can adjust the setting according to you. You can select who to share you stories with. You can also block people to not be able to see your stories.
  • It is cost free.
  • Available in both android as well iOS app store.
  • You can chat with friends in it and you will be able to see who’s online. You can also video chat with your friends.
  • It has got simple user interface.

You can experience snapchat for PC on your windows laptop. Life is so much fun when you just live in the moment. So, yeah start snapping.

Download Snapchat for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10 & Mac Laptop
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