BHIM App Download for Android, iOS, Windows PC – UPI Payment App

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. It is basically an app, developed by National Payment Corporation of India i.e. NPCI. It is good and reliable app for cashless payments with the help of your device. It is safe too. This app is developed for nation’s service and this app is developed in India itself. You can easily make payments and transactions through this app. you just need to register your bank account with the app and then you need to set a UPI PIN for the bank account. You have one more option also.

You can also set your finger prints instead of your UPI PIN if you want. Some banks don’t support UPI and for them, you can use IFSC and MMID. This all make sending and receiving money among your friends and family with the help of your mobile number. This app is providing you much faster and secure way with its ‘scan and pay’ option.

Bharat Interface for Money Application Features:

This app allows you to make your payments in an easy and safe way. You can do your payments anywhere and anytime simply by using your smartphone.

Some of the amazing features of this app are given below:

  • You don’t need to register your payee beforehand
  • Money transfers immediately and securely.
  • You can transfer fund to any bank account.
  • You can make transactions anytime, in day or night.
  • You don’t need to know the account number of the payee.
  • You can choose any desired Indian language.
  • You can make payments much faster with the help of ‘scan and pay’ option.
  • This app doesn’t require an internet connection for its working.
  • There is also a QR code option. You can download a QR code for yourself and you can share it too. This code can be used o pay to you.

Download and Install BHIM App For Android, iOS & PC:

1. For Android:

For Android, Google Playstore is best. As this app is free, you can easily install it via Google Play. You do not have to worry about Downloading and Installation. If you are downloading BHIM app via playstore then what you are finally getting is, BHIM app installed on your Android Smartphone.

  • The first step is to open a preferred browser on your Android device. It could be any browser. You can use your default browser or Chrome Browser.
  • Make sure that the default search engine of your browser is set to Google, Bing, etc. Why? Because you can trust them.
  • In the search bar, type “BHIM app APK download” and click on the search button of the browser.
  • Once you get all the search results, you can choose any one, which you find authentic and trustable with good reviews. Click on it to enter that website.
  • In the website, try to find the ‘download’ button. Be careful, as there can be two or more ‘Download’ buttons. Press the one, which has no Ads and does not blinking. So after clicking, you will be asked by your browser to start the downloading process. Click Download and then the downloading will start. Wait till downloading process takes place. You can close the browser when you file will get downloaded.
  • Once you got your APK, follow the next instructions.

There is another way to download BHIM app’s APK. Torrent is a good option but to use it, you have to be regular on it. It is not recommended for the beginners to try this as they will get confused in the torrent world and will end in giving up on downloading this game. So it is better for you to follow these above instructions if you don’t know, how to download a file from a torrent site

  • Installation Guide
  • Go to settings-> security and check ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Go to the ‘Download’ folder and here you will find BHIM app’s APK.
  • Click on it and then click on install button.
  • After installation, check menu for BHIM app. Enjoy.

2. For iOS:

  • Before downloading BHIM app for iOS, you need to have Cydia installer on your iOS device.
  • After that, open up nay browser and search “BHIM App download”. You can choose your default browser.
  • Choose one, which you will find authentic and safe. Download IPA file from there.
  • As soon as you have all the required IPA files, launch Cydia installer and drag the downloaded file into Cydia installer. Your phone should be connected while doing this.
  • Just sign up there and then you will have your app installed on your iOS device.

3. For PC:

This app is available only in APK format so you need to have an Android emulator if you want to run this app on your PC/Laptop.

  • First of all, open a browser and download Bluestacks. Go for the official website.
  • After downloading, go to ‘Download’ folder and install Bluestacks from there.
  • Open Bluestacks and follow the initial steps. Set up your Gmail ID in it and then download BHIM app from Playstore there.
  • You can also search BHIM app APK file as you did in Android case above. On following the same above steps you can download and install the file.


BHIM is the best UPI app now in the market. It is very easy and simple to use. User interface is very good and anyone can understand its features easily. It doesn’t have complex functions so it is easy to use. It has got some amazing features and we have discussed them all. You can easily get access and manage your transactions. There are many others UPI apps and BHIM has beaten them all. This app is only available is APK format now i.e. for Android only. Now you are able to download the app on any platform. Simply follow the above given instructions and then you can easily make transactions anytime and anywhere.

BHIM App Download for Android, iOS, Windows PC – UPI Payment App
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